Shakespeare Passport

Note: The Shakespeare Passport is longer active as of September 1, 2020.

Passport Help

If you need help for the Shakespeare Passport, use this contact form to submit your request.

If you need support for the Shakespeare app, click here to visit our support department and submit a request.


I can't find the Shakespeare Passport in my app. Where is it?

Make sure you have downloaded a version of the Shakespeare or Shakespeare Pro apps after December 23, 2010. Only versions released after this date have the Shakespeare Passport included. On the iPad, you will see the Shakespeare Passport icon in the left column. On the iPhone or iPod, go to the More section to find the Passport if you don't see it along the bottom icons. On Android devices, find the Passport in the top menu icon.

What's the number displayed on the screen?

It's a unique 12-digit number based on the unique ID number generated by your device. No two people have the same number so this may be used by venues to identify you and your usage of the Shakespeare Passport at their venue.

What kind of barcode does the Shakespeare Passport use?

The passport uses the Universal Product Code barcode (UPC-A), which is commonly used in retail systems. It consists of a 12-digit number displayed below the barcode lines.

What happens if I get a new device?

Just download the Shakespeare app on your new device and log in using to your existing account.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it or change it?

If you forget your password or username, click one of the links in the right column to reset it. You can also click the links in the app, which will take you to this website in order to reset it.

I represent a Shakespeare venue. How can I update my offer?

If your offer changes, you can log in to this site and update it whenever you need.

I'm having a problem with my app. Who can I contact?

Visit our Shakespeare app support department to get app support or report a bug.

There are currently 58 Shakespeare Passport venues worldwide.